Tuesday 25 May 2010

Mummy's birthday

It's been a week since the last blog message. A lot happened. Your brother's nursery organised the Bear Hunt which was excellent. 70 seat bus went in the morning and afternoon to a park and the kids went looking for animals and 'hunting' for the bear. The nursery and the school have been great at helping and putting everything together supporting it all. Another nice thing happened this week was Mummy and Daddy went to New York. Mummy was very excited to go to that continent for the first time. We went on a cruise on river Hudson, saw the sunset above the skyscrapers, went to the UN building and Daddy took Mummy to Mamma Mia in Broadway! I don't think your Daddy would have gone to it, but Mummy wanted the real experience and it was fantastic. Today is Mummy's birthday and we just back, it has been a very long day. This morning we went to the UN building and now we home and Mummy was in a hurry to write here. Mummy came home via the cemetery and lit candles for you, my red headed baby. Mummy almost lost control crying on the plane when we landed, Mummy missed you and had to control myself not to cry. It was a very nice break for Mummy and Daddy but we talked about you and missed you. Your brother and sister were good and behaved themselves with our friends while we were away. Well, to a certain extent. Mummy's friend in rural Mongolia phoned to say Happy Birthday to me and said 'so you are a mother of three now, how are you getting on?'. Mummy didn't realise she didn't know, Mummy lost track of who knows what these days. So Mummy said 'Yes, I had a boy and unfortunately he died'. I couldn't say anything else and I don't think she expected to hear that. She said 'Oh, I didn't know, I assumed good things and never thought about that kind of things. I'm sorry'. Mummy used to call her time to time, but I guess we were busy last few months. She lives in a place called Toson and is one of the coldest place in Mongolia reaching -50'C in winter. Mummy thought it's fair if she called me once in a while because it was me mostly the one who calls. Anyway, Mummy knows how things can be in the countryside, so it doesn't matter our friendship continues and we know that we are there for each other even though we speak to each other once in six months or a year. Mummy had a happy childhood, grew up in a traditional Mongolian round house with my parents and sister. Mummy loved sweeping snow from the top of the ger early in the mornings. You could see who got up already because of the smoke coming out of the chimneys. Mummy secretly used to compete with the neighbours' girls, trying to be the first one already up. In the summer, it was milking the cows first. So we used to get up before the sunrise and milk the cows, make yogurt and clean the house and have a nap in the afternoons sometimes. Mummy memorised English words, read books and played card and board games while looking after sheep and goats in mountains and the deserty parts of western Mongolia. We used to walk all day first and then Mummy learnt to ride a horse. So it was great, Mummy loved galloping and your great grandfather told me once with a smile on his face (clearly he was proud that I was brave enough galloping on a horseback): My daughter, you need to careful when passing neighbours' houses, people will talk about you that you didn't consider others'.
Mummy thought I would take you to these places when you are older and tell you all these stories. Mummy will write them here, so you know all about Mummy's childhood background, completely different from how you and your brother and sister's. Mummy would't have been here if I didn't meet your Daddy. He is a brave man, marrying Mummy (;-)) He is Mummy's other half as they say here, better half(don't tell him that though). Ok, baby boy Mummy'll go to bed now, was a long day, started in New York, jet lagged Mummy should sleep straight away. Nice to be home, nice to be near you and see your brother and sister. Love you all, my babies. X

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