Tuesday 14 January 2014

Book Launch week

Hallo Billy, Mummy's cutie pie. Very very busy week starting. The book launch is this Thursday officially. The book is out already and being sold in Waterstones, Amazon, Book depository websites and even this morning Mummy saw it in our local library, baby. It's happening! It's available in Mongolia too. Can you believe it? The outdoor shop opposite the Central Post Office in Ulaanbaatar is selling them. It's great.

Mummy is getting a bit emotional as the launch day approaches, missing you and having mixed feelings. It's great the book is coming out but it was because of losing you Mummy wrote it. So it's sad, but Mummy will look at it in a way that we talked before, making you live in people's mind, keeping you alive that way. Billy buuz existed, and he still does exist because he was so important baby, his parents loved him very much.

There was an excellent article in last week's UB POST newspaper. It's an English newspaper in Ulaanbaatar. UB stands for Ulaanbaatar. Mummy'll put the link here:

Uuganaa Ramsay went to the UK on a teaching scholarship in 2000, and more than a decade later – now a mother and author in Scotland – she continues to educate. Her newly published memoir, “Mongol” was released in e-book format on Human Rights Day, December 10, 2013, and will be available in paperback on January 16.
The book explores the junction of her life growing up in rural Mongolia, adapting as an immigrant in Britain, facing the challenge of being a mother of a child with Down’s Syndrome, and living with loss. The label of “Mongol” impacts her deeply in the memoir, as it shifts from a symbol of pride in Ramsay’s heritage to a word used to alienate, dehumanize and insult. The loss of her son Billy inspired her to share his story, tightly woven into her own.
As Mongolia responds to continued worldwide efforts to improve awareness for the rights and dignity of the differently-abled, Ramsay is on a parallel crusade to educate people about what it truly means to be “Mongol” and what that label is and is not. In an interview with the author, we learn more about her journey and her newfound life’s work. Read the full interview here.

So our first book launch event is in Waterstones, Argyle Street in Glasgow. We are all going. Ovoo is still with us, so he's coming too. Mummy will let you know how it went. Mummy's beautiful baby boy. Love you loads. XXXX

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