Saturday 15 March 2014

Scottish Asian Women's Award For Achievement

Hallo Billy buuz, it has been crazy, busy and good baby. Mummy's been so busy doing many things recently and as usual thought about you, lit candles for you and put food and sweets in front of your photo. February was easier than the prevous years but heavy as it's the 4th year anniversary of your death on 24th February. Mummy didn't write any post here in February. It was the only month Mummy didn't write a single post since you died. Yet, Mummy felt ok because the book is out and you live on in people's memories. Many people wrote to Mummy and spoke to Mummy after they read the book. It's amazing. Mummy has some good news too. We are all doing well and Mummy just got a new a job. It doesn't start another couple of weeks. Another good news is Mummy won an award! We are all delighted, your big brother and sister are so happy and your little sister is just running around because we are happy. It's Yeye's birthday today and she got a gold medal from a chess championship in Ulaanbaatar.

Mummy'll put the video of the Scottish Asian Women's Award's night here. Your Daddy recorded it on his phone. Good night, lovely boy. Love you so much. XXX

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