Saturday 2 October 2010

Ginger Hair, Mongol Spots

Mummy has been writing a lot recently. It's great, it works as a therapy for Mummy. Mummy ends up in tears when writing about you. It's moving but helps Mummy to get things out of my chest. Your sister turned 12 2 days ago. We put a birthday cake for you, infront of your photos. We still visit the cemetery and light a candle every day. They had prepared the foundation for the headstone. So hopefully it will be up before your first birthday. I'm not sure how we would be on your birthday. It will be hard to accept you would have been one. You will be one, in Mummy's head. Mummy is making you live forever, writing about you and people will know who Billy was. The boy changed people, the boy who helped people to feel better, the boy who opened people's eyes. You made a lot of change already. Mummy's determined to do many things, charity work, writing, influencing people. So see you had done a lot already. My little baby boy with his ginger hair and Mongolian blue spots. Mummy's angel. Love you, Billy Buuz. XXXXXXX

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