Saturday 25 September 2010

Message from you...

Mummy saw a psychic today. It is not something I did before. Mummy wanted to see if it works. Mummy was in tears. The lady was telling me things about you and things you said. Mummy is happy that it felt real. I'm sure there are people out there think it might be mad. Mummy does not care. Mummy found comfort in those nice things the lady said.So you agree with Mummy and what we are doing. Mummy's got you on board now. :-) That's nice. We talk about you all the time. Your dad would say: 'Billy had blue eyes'. I think 'They were brown' and then we would look at your photos. Mummy started working in a charity book shop to get some research done for my book and to help in the community. There were children's books, lots of them. Mummy saw a book with a title included Billy in it. Mummy thought we didn't even have a chance to read a bed time story for you. Mummy could't teach you Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Maamuu Naash ir. You are everywhere. Mummy is getting used to remembering you without getting too upset. Yesterday, when the post arrived Mummy saw some catalogues selling children's party things and 1st birthday presents. You would have been 1 year old in November. Mummy had signed up for these catalogues expecting everything to be normal. Instead, Mummy tore the magazines and put them in the bin. It hurts me that Mummy couldn't hold you and take you in your pram to meet your brother at school. Mummy sees other people with their babies and think that this would have been us. Yes, Down's syndrome, but who cares. You were my baby boy. Mummy loved you whatever you had. Mummy's ginger boy, you were too good for here. Night night, sleep well. It was nice to 'talk' to you today. Love you. XXXX

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