Tuesday 31 December 2013

Happy 2014!

Hallo Billy buuz, a very exciting year is coming Billy! You are in books, memories, videos and many things. Yes, sun rays, rain drops, rainbows and everything. We visited Susan and Ian's house a few days ago and a butterfly came alive as we walked in. Susan was so touched and she was explaining that they thought the butterfly was dead really. It didn't move for months. It's December and this butterfly came alive. Mummy was so pleased to see this beautiful butterfly. Your Daddy took photos and we all enjoyed it while it flew over our heads... You know Mummy likes seeing butterflies. They remind Mummy of you and Mummy thinks you are sending a sign, saying hello. Wonderful.

Your ovoo is here from Mongolia and we have been playing Uno a lot. It's a card game and easy to understand not involving too much language. Yes, we are having a good time and we hope the new year will bring us lots of good news and healthy and happy time. Only an hour and a half until 2014. The others are in the living room waiting for Mummy to play the next round of Uno game. Mummy's beautiful baby boy, you are always with us. Mummy was interviewed by a Spanish radio yesterday. It's called Talk Radio Europe. The phone line was a bit problematic to start with, but got it sorted eventually. Mummy talked about you too. We will keep talking about you and lighting candles at home and at your grave. You are a loved baby. Happy New Year, the brightest star in our universe. Love you loads. XXXX

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