Friday 31 January 2014

Happy Tsagaan Sar!

Hallo Billy buuz, big boy. Mummy is delighted with the book launch events in Glasgow and Ayr. So many people came and supported us, baby. Your daddy, sisters, brother and ovoo went too. Today is the Lunar New Year. In Mongolia it's Tsagaan Sar meaning 'white month'. We are expecting some Mongolian students from Glasgow and some friends tomorrow. We made some dumplings tonight. It was a lovely feeling, playing Mongolian songs and your big brother and sister helped. Your little sister was in bed then. Ovoo went home after the Glasgow launch event and he is spending Tsagaan Sar at home. It was good speaking to your great granny and great uncles and aunts as well as ovoo and emee today. They were all well. So it's a good start to the new year. It's a wooden horse year full of victories they say. Certainly we are very happy with the book because Mummy is doing another two events, one in London and one in Edinburgh. So it's all good. Also Mummy was invited to a book festival. Yes, that's good, isn't it?

Another fantastic news is that the book is in the British and Scottish library. Mummy's publisher Sara sent the letter to us! How lovely is she? She knew it was important to us. So there we are. Mummy showed to people at the book launch in Ayr and now it will be kept in the same box as we keep your memories. Love you baby, beautiful boy. XXXX

Here's a link to the book launch photos.

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