Thursday 2 September 2010

Sunset ...

We still go to the cemetery every day. Mummy feels something is missing if we don't go. Although it is getting better because Mummy thinks you are everywhere. In the rays of sunshine, rain drops and soft light breeze. Mummy is getting carried away with writing a book in memory of you. It doesn't matter how long it takes and whoever believes in Mummy to do it. Mummy thinks this is the way Mummy's dealing with losing you and by writing a book I can make you live forever. In words, in minds and in hearts of not only us but also people who might find comfort in reading it if they are going through rough times, people who work with these vulnerable people and children who need help, support and hope. This would help them to understand what goes on people's heads when things are tough and make it easier to know why people behave in certain ways. Mummy has to continue later, your brother is not well, bye for now. Love you, Billy Buuz. XXXXX

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