Thursday 21 October 2010

Love you, Billy Buuz

Hallo, baby boy. Mummy has been busy busy writing. It's a great feeling to be writing about you and Mummy's childhood. Mummy had a happy childhood. People think if someone is from Mongolia, it's a country that naked men riding horses! It's funny. Mummy wanted to share how life was and is in Mongolia. Not many people know that it's a country full of clever people as well as nutters like any other country. Mummy hoped you would come and see Mongolia one day. I know you can't physically now, but Mummy will take you there and show you in my head and book. You are Mummy's baby boy. It's so hurtful to see other Mums pushing prams with their babies. Mummy is getting better at handling my feelings, it was hard first, but now Mummy knows that you would be well known when Mummy finishes her book. People will talk about you just like anyone, because you are a symbol of many nice things. You are the voice for many people who can't talk about things because they are tied back with attitude in society, cultural barriers and blinding superstitions. Mummy is grateful that you are Mummy's boy. Mummy had hundreds of ideas before and never had the determination or guts to do anything about them. But now you sharpened Mummy, Mummy will do what I wanted to do for years influencing people in a positive way. Mummy want everyone to be happy and appreciate what they have instead of moaning about things and looking at the bad and the empty things. After all we need to start looking for nice and happy things in ourselves. Nobody can give it to us, just us, ourselves. So Mummy is spending my energy on this book for you and about you. Mummy wants to be strong for your brother, sister and Daddy. It's not that easy to keep it all the time, but Mummy will do it, because I have you. Mummy's celevr boy, watching over Mummy and with me all the time and all the way. Mummy knows nothing on earth will bring you back, but Mummy will miss you and talk about you just like any baby. Love you loads, your sniffly Mummy in her Mongolian blue deel. XXXXXXXXX

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