Thursday 28 October 2010

Missing you, baby boy

Hallo hallo, Billy Buuz. Mummy missed you this week. Mummy was watching a film on TV and the missing girl came home. Mummy wished you would come home like that, but you never will. Mummy misses cuddling you, touching your tiny fingers and hands, looking at your beautiful soft face and changing you. Mummy misses everything about you and of you. Nothing will ever bring you back, Mummy even tries to dream about you and you don't come to Mummy in the dream. Mummy will wait to see you in my dream one day. Ok, Billy buuz, Mummy always gets upset when I write here, but this is good. I have you and it is the greatest thing. Mummy will make you live forever in people's mind. It's getting very close. :-) People will know who Billy buuz was, who this clever boy was. He was only 3 months old, but had the impact of lifetime in people's lives. Love you and grateful that you are Mummy's baby boy. XXXX

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