Wednesday 18 August 2010

Back to school...

Schools started today and your brother started primary and your sister started secondary school. Mummy and daddy made a huge fuss about their school ties, snacks and every little things really. Mummy was happy to see them moving on, but several times, Mummy missed you. We will never see you again, you will always be three months old in our mind. You were our baby boy, tiny little baby boy. Mummy is going to write a book in memory of you and make you live forever. Mummy liked the idea of every book published has to have a copy at the British Library. Mummy will make sure there will be one about you, telling people how you were born, what you were like and what happened. You will be an uncle in the future, and great uncle and more. So they can trace their family history through the book and read about their interesting looking great great granny and her emotions. Also it would be good for them to know themselves medically just incase. Mummy had nice news recently. Mummy's friend saw a psychic in Manchaster and she was told to pass on a message from you, saying you were looking out for us. What a nice thought. Mummy didn't really believe in that kind of thing, but now I would believe in anything if it's about you. Mummy finds comfort in believing nice things. Mummy and daddy has your William teddy bear on top of the bed, wearing one of your tiny tops and your name tag. Mummy still can't have your photo beside our bed, it's too hurtful, because Mummy can't give you a good night kiss. Mummy likes to watch the videos of you on my phone, it seems so real till it stops and I realise that moment can never happen again. Ok, baby boy, Mummy'll go and cook some 'mongolian food' as your brother and sister say. They are playing the Wii after a looong first day at school. :-) You keep watching over us and we will keep you inside forever. Till next week, bye for now, baby boy, Billy buuz. Love you dearly. XXXXXX

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  1. Anonymous25.8.10

    I think writing a book is a wonderful idea, Hun. As you say, Billy’s future nephews and nieces, and great-nephews and great-nieces, will cherish the opportunity to get to know him, and love him as you do. I hope you don’t mind my saying but after reading your blog I too see Billy as a brightly coloured, shimmering, iridescent butterfly; happy and dancing in warm sunbeams. Billy lives on in your heart and through your writing; he’ll never be forgotten. Thinking of you every day. Love, Heather. X.