Thursday 14 March 2013


Hallo Billy Buuz. It's been a strange winter this year. Sunny, windy, snowy, rainy. Your siblings have been not keeping that well either. It's been non-stop antibiotics, trips to doctors. We are hoping the spring is coming soon. Mummy planted some flowers. Actually, your big sister planted some tulips last year around our new driveway and the are growing now, soon they will flower. Talking about flowers, Mummy spoke to Jackie and yes, it was her who put the snowdrops and the muffin. In fact she came around yesterday with some muffins. She has been off for a while because of her eyes. Viral infections are terrible sometimes. She's getiing there, but not recovering fully. It's Yeye's birthday tomorrow. Mummy was with her 8 years ago for her birthday. Mummy was thinking actually, chatting to your Mongolian grandparents online and realised Mummy hasn't visited the ger-Mummy grew up for 7 years now. It's lovely to see the inside of the ger now through the webcamera. Oh, we have some good news. Our book is getting published! Mummy is working on it with an editor. Mummy can't say any more yet. Mummy saw a draft cover! It's great. Ok, we'll change the subject, we will tell you soon, baby boy. You know it already I guess. It's good. Mummy is in a happy phase just now. So it's good. As long as your siblings keep well, that's the main thing. Your Daddy's work is going well, he is enjoying it now because of an interesting project. So yeah, we are in a good place. We are still lighting a candle every night at home and sometimes at the cemetery. The day you passed away was 24th Feb 2010. This year, we spent half the night in hospital with your baby sister. It was not nice at all. The nurses asked if she had any brothers and sisters. Mummy mentioned you and then they asked 'When did he die?' Mummy said 'Three years ago tonight.' It was horrible. Your baby sister was sick and wouldn't keep anything down. There's a nasty bug going around. She was better after a few hours in hospital and we came home about 2.30am in the morning. We were desperate to come home. All the memories of losing you chased us. Anyway, your baby sister is better now and she is learning new words every day. She likes to do 'High five.' She can't say it, she says 'Hipaiv.' Ok, baby boy. Sleep well. Love you loads and loads. Mummy's shining star in the sky. Bootiful baba boy. Love you. XXXX

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