Monday 18 February 2013

Thank you message

Hallo Billy buuz, Mummy wanted to thank a very kind person in this post. Today is the 8th of the first month of the Lunar New Year. So it is considered very good day to light candles and pray. So Mummy wanted to visit you and light a couple of candles. There Mummy saw a beautiful bunch of snowdrops and a yummy looking chocolate muffin on your grave. Mummy was so touched that she almost cried. People are so kind. Mummy was not sure who it might be. There are a few friends who would do that kind of kind gestures, but Mummy wasn't sure. Jackie likes baking muffins and she was talking about your snowdrops coming up in their garden. So it might be her. Or it might be Susan, then she gave us a little pot of plant last week. So maybe it's not her. It might be Chrissy ... Maybe. We will see who this might be. Mummy was touched and told your daddy, brother and sisters, even Facebook. Do you hear Mummy?! Facebook. Mummy finds social media quite useful these days. There is so much out there, no time to be bored, so much to learn and do. Mummy has some Mongolian radio apps on her phone, your Daddy was commenting that he'd thought it would've happened a while ago. Sure, Mummy likes to listen to Mongolian songs and now your baby sister loves to watch children's song videos on Youtube. Mummy took your baby sister swimming and Mummy didn't know some of the rhymes, she doesn't have a clue and starts to sing in Mongolian. She will make an affort and learn Humpty Dumpty and the other songs they sing like the Wheels on the Bus.

This weekend is the anniversary of you leaving us. Three years. Three years. It seems not so long but at the same time where has the time gone?!

Yeye was here for five days and left this week. It's always good to be with her. Mummy needs to let her be a grown up though. Mummy now understands how your Emee and Ovoo felt when Mummy left home. It was easier and harder in some ways, no mobiles then. The only time they contacted Mummy was they had to go to the local post office and book a 5 min and then wait in the waiting area until they were called into a booth. Mummy missed her parents after left home, she used to sing 'Өвсний толгой цайраад байна
Өвөл болсны шинж үү дээ
Өөрөө ч мэдэлгүй уйлах юм
Ээжийгээ санасны шинж үү дээ' meaning roughly

'The valley covered in white
The sign of winter coming
Tears running down no control
Tell tell sign of missing my mother.'

Ok baby, Mummy misses you so much, Mummy and Daddy, your brother and big sister, your Yeye, Emee, Ovoo - we all miss you dearly. You were our baby boy, big brother, baby brother, grandson, greatgrandson, nephew, cousin ...  Mummy's bootiful baby with golden chest and silver bottom, just like in Mongolian fairytales.

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