Tuesday 28 August 2012

Back from Mongolia

Hallo Billy buuz. Mummy was away to Mongolia with your brother and sisters. Your daddy didn't go as we have our building work not finished. Still.

We had a good time seeing your emee and ovoo and other many many people. Your brother was surprised how many relatives we had. He had a chance to go on a horse. So did your little sister. Mummy has to say it took a while to get into normality there. Mummy would have no problem on her own, but going with three kids was not that easy. Saying that they were very good.

Mummy wanted to talk about you with people, but realised it's different over there. In Mongolia, people do not talk about people who passed away much. They don't even mention their names, instead they refer as the 'taliigaach' meaning the one who passed away. Mummy hadn't seen any of her relatives apart from your ovoo and Yeye since you passed away. So Mummy wanted to tell people about you and share her feelings. Your emee was better, because she knew you. She still believes that your death was not supposed to happen. That is true in some ways, unfortunately it did. We lost you.

Having your baby sister with us must have given people some kind of relief. It seems they were heartbroken for us and scared to mention you in case Mummy starts to cry. By the way, your great granny was lovely. She is in her 80's now and she had eleven children. She still looks good. She has no hair as it has been shaven for years. Mummy doesn't remember when she started shaving her hair and making herself bold 'preparing to die without dirt and sins.' It's a strange tradition. She used to wear hat in bed in winter nights. We would wind her up and she would laugh and tell us lots of fairy tales. This time, Mummy recorded her telling us Mummy's favourite story. The story title is The Boy with a Golden Chest and Silver Bottom. Do you remember? Mummy wrote a little story about you and called you exactly that. That story was published in the Scottish Family Legends book the day before your sister was born.

Mummy is trying not to cry, don't know why stopping it. Mummy misses you a lot. Every day, not a day passes by without missing you, remembering you, longing you and the hole in Mummy's heart will never be filled. One day, Mummy will meet you hopefully. Be there and show Mummy around, will you?

Ok, Mummy will tell you better news. The campaign Mummy was talking about is likely to happen. How great is that?! Down Syndrome Scotland is supporting us and happy to do it together. Also there is a very kind person who is very happy to help us in different ways. So baby, fingers crossed.

Oh, Mummy has forgotten to tell you. Mummy was on Mongolian national TV and two other channels C1 and Chanel 25. Mainly talking about the campaign and our book. Mummy needs to get on with the book now. Having your baby sister and the building work, Mongolia Mummy had to pause for a while.

OK, Mummy's brightest star in the sky, baby boy. Good night. Love you, baby. XXXXXX

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