Tuesday 16 October 2012

Exciting times ahead

Hallo Billy buuz. Mummy almost stopped writing the blog here. She means she wanted to write her diary but not as a blog. Then your Daddy was supportive and Mummy felt she can carry on, especially we have a lot on the go. The house extension work is almost done, we are painting and decorating ourselves. So we are very busy and tired too. You Daddy is working hard and putting the floor himself and Mummy turned into carpenter at times doing the scotia for a couple of rooms.

Your big sister turned 14 and she is a great help around the house and with your brother and little sister. Your baby sister is talking, well in her own way, mixed words in English and Mongolian. She can say Mummy, Daddy, yavya yavya (let's go in Mongolian) and buuvein buuvein (lullaby) meaning she wants to go to bed and have milk. She plays with your Teddy, she gives it cuddles and rocks it in her arms. Your Teddy is wearing your wristbands, the ones you were given from hospital when you were born. He moved with us downstairs into the new bedroom now and stays where he was, just above Mummy and Daddy's bed frame.

Mummy has been attending meetings with Down's Syndrome Scotland and we are definitely going ahead with the campaign on the term Mongol. Mummy is so pleased. We have another meeting next week, so it will be good to see how we will do it. Mummy has a lot of ideas and people have been keen to take part in different parts of the campaign. So it's all good.

Mummy and Daddy went to Down's Syndrome Scotland's fundraising dinner a couple of weeks ago. It was a lovely night, but we missed you and had to tell ourselves we had to control ourselves. It was a moving event. people would ask what our connection with Down's Syndrome Scotland was and of course we mention you and people don't expect that kind of answer. We had a nice meal and your Daddy won a bottle of champagne and a voucher for his favourite restaurant. Mummy was just telling him that she would love to win that prize for him when she saw it on the prize list. So there he was carrying the prize home. Maybe, our little angel sent that. We don't know, it just happened exactly how Mummy wished.

We haven't been to the cemetery as often as we used to go to. We have been lighting candles at home mostly. Your baby sister points at your photo and says Mama (meaning a baby in Mongolia) and we say it's Billy, you big brother. You two never met. Your baby sister will only know you from the stories and photos we have from you. Yes, it's so sad, but we will never forget you and you are in our hearts forever. Mummy is feeling quite tearful these days. You would have been 3 this November. Now it's that time again. mummy and Daddy start to notice other kids' birthdays and see them celebrating with candles on cakes and we light candles on your grave. Mummy's throat is almost suffocating because Mummy is trying not to cry and the emotions bursting to come out. Now it's almost midnight. Mummy can cry and wipe her tears in her dressing gown while others in bed. Mummy has a feeling that we will do what we want to do, because you are Mummy's baby boy and you made Mummy very brave. So she will raise awareness, go campaigning, make people think and understand and support. Yes, we will do it. Our book will get published, soon. We know it will. It would be good if it gets published around the time the campaign takes off.

Ok, beautiful baby boy, tiny tiny, little man, goodnight. Love you so much. Night night. XXXX

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