Monday 11 June 2012

Awards and more birthdays!

Hallo Billy Buuz. Well, baby boy we have had lots of exciting events for the last few weeks. Mummy went to London on 1 June.  It's a Mother and Children's day in Mongolia and Mummy went to London to attend awards ceremony. It was a combination of the two happy occasions. Mongolians in Europe were organising this event called 'Woman of the Year 2012' in London. Mummy was nominated for and award and got an award! How exciting! This is another one for you Mummy's babies and many who support us.

You can't believe it! Your baby sister is 1 now! We went to Edinburgh and celebrated with her godparents. We all had a lovely time, eating so much though. Karen cooks lovely meals and then we went out for lunch the next day. Your baby sister was so cute with her pigtails and smiling at everyone. She wasn't sure what to do with the candle, so Mummy helped her. We came home and put a piece of her birthday cake in front of your photo. Your big brother will have it later, probably. He is funny.

Your big sister is getting so tall, taller than Mummy. She's been nominated for an award too. We don't know what it is for or anything, it's the school award. So she must be doing well in something. We are pleased to hear it. Your big sister is a good girl, helps a lot and plays with her younger siblings.

We are going to Mongolia soon, just for a few weeks. Mummy is really looking forward to seeing your grandparents. The last time Mummy saw your Mongolian granny was when you were born and we saw your grandpa was your funeral. So it's been a while. Mummy is also looking forward to seeing her aunts, uncles, cousins and many friends. Yeah, it's a nice time just now. The extension is coming on and in fact we can see the builders building the roof just now.

Another nice thing is the Director of Down's Heart Group in London will have your name on her T-shirt when she is holding the olympic torch on 9 July. She is representing the Down Syndrome community around the world. So your name will be there amongst other people's names.

Baby boy, Billy buuz. Love you loads. Mummy's angel boy. Bye for now. XXX

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