Sunday 27 May 2012

Mummy and Daddy's birthdays

Hallo Billy Buuz. It's been very hot recently and we have been enjoying the sunshine. It was your Daddy's birthday last week and Mummy's this week. We both had a good time, spent our days with your brother and sisters. We also went to the cemetery and lit candles for you. We also put some birthday cake in front of your photo. Mummy was emotional on her birthday. It was just lovely surrounded by your sisters and brother. Your Daddy made a big fuss and gave Mummy a big bunch of roses. It was lovely, but Mummy missed you. Mummy looked at your photo and quietly missed you being here with us...

Yesterday, your brother spotted a beautiful butterfly and Mummy knew you were there, just saying hello and reminding Mummy that you were around. It was lovely. It's a simple thing, but Mummy loves it when we see any butterflies.

Your sister went for a sleepover recently and she had left a letter to your brother on his bed. So he read it when he went to bed. She had asked him to look after your sock that she keeps normally. That sock has your hair.

We have been busy with the building work and it is going well. So we will have a nice room for your baby sister. At the moment everybody is a bit cramped, but we'll get there soon. Mummy doesn't mind after all she grew up in a yurt.

Billy, Mummy misses you, but Mummy will do everything she can to raise awareness on the term Mongol and help people with learning difficulties and their families. Mummy has been experiencing many obstacles. Some people think Mongol means a disfigured child, some people think Mongol means stupid, some people think Mongol means Down syndrome when it only means Mongolian as a nationality. Mummy thinks it's time to change that, don't you think? Mummy knows you are there and Mummy is doing exactly what she said she would do. Remember, people will remember you, Mummy's baby boy. Mummy's baby boy changed Mummy forever. Mummy became brave and can speak for people who can't talk about social stigma, injustice and human rights. Well, Mummy was told that the world does not lack her input. Well, it does, because we all matter, because Mummy does not want your brother and sisters and other many young people feel ashamed to be Mongolian or feel hurt when someone nasty calls anyone Mongol. We can do it baby. We can. Good night, baby boy. Love you. XXXX

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