Thursday 1 September 2011

Time flies

Hallo, Billy buuz. Mummy was thinking about you and wasn't managing to write much lately. Your baby sister is a good girl, but new babies need a lot of attention. We are all enjoying her. She looks like you. A lot. Only she wears pink, well most of the time. She wears some of your clothes. It's funny here children have colours. Blue for boys and pink for girls. She wears your suit(hold on, she is crying..) Now, I'm back. Yes, she wears your white baby suit with blue stripes. People get confused, because she wears a pink hat. :-) In Mongolia, they don't have colours specifically for boys or girls. Well, they didn't when I lived there.

Mummy has been trying to build a web blog for her book(s), talks, interviews etc. So it's very exciting. Your Daddy helped to start it and now it's down to Mummy to make it up and running. Your baby sister and I are trying hard at it with ...erm .. let's say between nappies, feeds, and well, we won't go there almost put rude words here. Your big brother and big sister are doing well. In fact your big brother's friend had told her mum that 'He is the smartest boy in the class.' Well, how proud do you think Mummy was? :-) Your brother is a good boy, started going to Beavers. Beavers is good for him, learning social skills among other skills. Mummy and Daddy think it's important to be happy rather than too clever and unhappy.

Your wee sister is asleep now. Mummy'll try to make a cup of tea. Your Daddy and big sister are great, doing things when they are home.
Mummy was talking to a lady who lost her baby before the little girl was born. It's so sad, the tears were ready to come out yet she appears a very strong person.

Ok, baby boy. More good things to come, Mummy will publish a book in memory of you. My red headed angel. Mummy loves you so much. XXXXXXXX

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