Saturday 17 September 2011

Comedy and sarcasm

Mummy was looking forward to her Writing club start this autumn. We meet every Wednesday in Prestwick. Sometimes we have speakers come in and give talks on different genres and how to write etc. So ths year we started having a nice lady from the BBC and talked about comedy monologues. Mummy had fun trying to write or shall we say it is a comedy scenario trying to do things while looking after your sister sometimes. So mummy's comedy monologue ended up changing many times and still not fully formed yet. The lady from the BBC will come again in October and then we can see if any of our monologues can be on the radio.

Mummy is trying to put her web/blog up and running. Well, it is up but just needs a few changes to personalise it. So mummy does it while your baby sister is napping or in the evenings. Mummy jokes with people it's called JK Rowling-ing. It would be nice if we get lucky like JK Rowling though, don't you think?! It's all down to hard work as well as networking. Mummy is going to a Writers' conference this weekend, hoping to meet some people who might help us.

Mummy is still toying with different titles for the book. Your dad doesn't read any of the book. It's too painful for him to read about you and he thinks it's mummy's story.

Yesterday in my writing group someone commented on the bit 'Mongol spots.' She thought it reminded her of Down syndrome. Mummy said 'Yes, my boy had Down syndrome.' Mummy was a bit annoyed. So poor Twitter and Stephen Fry got mummy's upset tweets. Why Stephen Fry? Well, he has a lot of followers and mummy hoped he would retweet it. Mummy had enough of people referring to people with Down's syndrome as Mongol(s). Celebrities are just people, no different about them. It just happens to be that mostly their jobs are in the entertainment or media.

Ok, mummy needs to get your big bro for lunch. He likes coming home for lunch. Speak soon, baby boy Billy buuz. Love you baby. XXXXXXX

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