Monday 26 July 2010

Keeping busy

Mummy hasn't written here for almost 2 weeks. It has been hectic recently, but in a good way. Mummy is trying to be involved in many things, keeping busy and motivated. I miss you, but Mummy is finding strength in that you are no longer in pain and you are in a safe place. Your sister made a beautiful flower arrangement for you today, she went and bought individual flowers with her pocket money and made it. She is so creative and artisitc. Mummy talks about you a lot, any opportunity Mummy talks about you. Sometimes, I feel the safest place for you was in Mummy's tummy. At least Mummy feels that way and it's a nice thought knowing that Mummy carried you to the best she could and looked after you, fought for you, protected you and did everything on earth there was to do. Mummy used to think 'Not my baby, everything is fine, should be fine', taking things for granted, not knowing anything can happen to anybody. Since you passed away, life seems short and Mummy is trying to make the most of it. Yes, Mummy will write about you, talk about you and make sure people know who you were and how wonderful perfect and clever baby you were in your own way. We lit a candle outside the house for you today, didn't go to the cemetery. The car was getting fixed and then Mummy went to teach. Mummy feels ok about not going today. Not sure why, but feels alright to do so, perhaps you are here with me anyway, everywhere we go you are there because you are in our mind, you are within us. Yeah, my baby baby boy you are Mummy's angel. Night night, love you baby boy, Billy Buuz. XXXXXX

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