Friday 11 June 2010

Well done to the Nursery and parents

It was a great news to know that the total of Bear Hunt and the toy stall came to incredible £851.13. The nursery staff were excellent in organising the Bear Hunt and the toy stall. We are so pleased about everyone's effort. Yorkhill Foundation will send a certificate and the nursery can display it proudly. They deserve it. Mummy is just back from the cemetery. We go every day, most days twice because your Daddy goes there after work. We light candles for you and water the flowers. It's nice to have a place to go to, to be with you, to think about you, to remember you, to miss you and to cry sometimes. Your brother spots cemeteries now wherever we go. It's sad but at the same time trying to make it normal to talk about you and be nice to people with disabilities. Yesterday me and your brother went to the beach to practise his sports day, Mummy was the person who goes: On your marks, Get set, Go. While we were there two minibuses came and there were children with disability and their teacher/helpers came too. They came from the other side of Glasgow, so it must have taken at least an hour to get here. Your brother usually pulls me to get away from people in wheelchairs or children might look a bit different in their looks because of their conditions or illness. Yesterday, he was fine, he said 'Mummy, Billy would have been like these children. We would have come to the beach with Billy like this, wouldn't we?' Mummy was happy that he was talking about you and also happy that he is getting used to people with disabilities. Mummy noticed his reaction before and used to say 'Billy probably would have been like these people. They are lucky, going for a walk with their Mummy, Daddy, brother and sister. You can't choose how you look or what illness you have, everyone is different.' So it must have helped. Your brother and sister both had inductions for their schools this week, both enjoyed their time. So that's good. Your sister is asking what we'll have for dinner. So Mummy'll continue later. Love you forever, Billy Buuz, Billy Billy Buuz. XXXX

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