Wednesday 12 June 2013

Summer is here

Hallo Billy buuz, baby boy. Mummy's bootiful. It's been lovely recently with the sun out, barbeque smells, ice-creams melting and 'appy, appy' as your baby sister would say. She is funny. Even the word 'funny' makes her laugh. She thinks the word 'funny' means you laugh out loud. She was 2 a few days ago! Can you believe it?! We had to light the candle again and again, so that she can blow it out again and again. She is the boss in our house. You can imagine. We put your piece of cake infront of your photo as always.

Your big sister is doing great at school. She is finishing this year with a merit again. She was so pleased and Mummy and Daddy are so proud. Your big brother loves football. He goes to a club every week and Mummy picked him up last night after it. He was in tears. His team lost the game. He reminds Mummy of herself. Mummy used to wrestle with your Mongolian grandpa when she was little and would cry if she didn't win. Oh well, the competitive side can be a good thing if we deal with it well. He is learning to lose as well, he needs to know that he can't win all the time.

Mummy keeps thinking about you. You used to be very alert for your age. Unfortunately, you spent the last month of your life asleep, on drugs. We all miss you, baby and we are managing our feelings better. But sometimes it's hard. Mummy is looking forward to the book coming out. Mummy's clever boy, we are achieving what we said we would. The book will be in the British Library, you are in history. Mummy wanted that. Your story will live in people's minds. Mummy's lovely boy. Mummy wishes she could kiss you, hold you and look into your eyes. The birghtest star in the sky. Love you loads. XXXX

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