Monday 27 May 2013

Mummy's birthday

Hallo Billy Buuz. Mamma's baba. Mummy's brightest star in the sky. It's been a lovely few days, sunny and warm. Mummy's birthday was a couple of days ago and we had a lovely time. Mummy had a looong lie in and then breakfast in bed. Your Daddy got up with your baby sister very early and then your big sister made breakfast for Mummy. Mummy could hear her sticking Happy Birthday banners round the house and it already made Mummy smile. Your Daddy did a barbeque for lunch and we all had a lovely time enjoying our little garden. Your baby sister was dancing and clapping saying 'Happy, happy.' She had everyone close to her beside her and she picked up the happy atmosphere. It was good. Your big brother loves picking her up and she screams sometimes if it's a bit rough. Your big sister helped with the bbq, too. You won't believe it, we went out for dinner, too. Then we managed to get home before your little sister started to get sleepy. So the day ended with us having the chimneya on in the garden and your big brother and sister melted marshmallows in the fire. It was magical.

Mummy went out the next day with her friends. It was good to be out, too. So you see Mummy is enjoying herself. We light our candles for you and talk about you as always. The book is coming on and Mummy is raising awareness on the misuse of the term. Yeah, life is good. You are with us, in our hearts. Mummy's beautiful baby boy. Mummy wanted to share the happy times with you, too. Night night. Love you, baby boy. XXXX

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