Sunday 3 April 2011

Mother's day

Hallo, Billy Buuz. Today is Mothers' day. We remember finding out that we were expecting you on Mother's day in 2009. The best present ever Mummy and Daddy thought. Today, it was a nice day. Your brother and sister made a lovely card and as always included your name when they signed it for Mummy. So thank you Billy Buuz. They also gave me a nail polish, air freshner and a big box of chocolates! And more: breakfast in bed and they were lovely. Daddy was away spending time with his friends this weekend and hope he had a great time. It's good to have some time away sometimes. I think it makes us think what we have and appreciate it, hopefully. Mummy spent a night in Edinburgh too and missed you all badly. Your sister was laughing at me saying: Mum, you were away only for a day! Mummy rushed to the cemetery too, almost burst into tears coming home on the train, missed you. Mummy remembers being a bit annoyed with you once and it makes me feel better knowing that I had a time to tell you off too. You experienced your Mummy's mood too. So you know what your brother and sister have to face if they do something Mummy doesn't like. So you can all talk behind Mummy's back and laugh at Mummy. After all that would make Mummy happy, to see you ganging up together, thats what brothers and sisters do. Other people won't know. Your brother was talking to Jackie and Jackie said you will be a big brother. He replied: again. See you see, you are here. While Daddy was away your brother and sister wanted to sleep beside Mummy. So it was 4,5 of us including you! Mummy's lovely babies. I love you all dearly. Night Billy. XXX

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