Thursday 19 September 2013

We did it, baby.

Hallo Billy Buuz, Mummy's cutie pie. Mummy went on the trek and had a wonderful time. It was very challenging at times, but the nature was just gorgious and the people were just lovely. Mummy has gained a few friends from that trip. Your little bear came with Mummy and walked with Mummy in her inside pocket. You kept Mummy going, Mummy's love for you kept her going. Eigg and Rum were the isles we visited and Mummy would love to go back again, visiting properly. The silence was heavenly, the sound of nature was beautiful. Mummy was worried about being sea sick on the speed boats, but there was no time for sickness. It was so exciting and the seats on the boats reminded Mummy of horsebacks. So she just stood up holding on to the bars in front of her.

We stayed in a bunkhouse and Mummy shared her room with four other women who were so friendly and warm. Mummy hopes to keep in touch with them. Life seems so full on with many things coming up. Mummy has some plans to get the book out there in different ways, so we will see baby, we will see. Mummy thought you were there too making the trip easier for Mummy. Askivell, the top of the mountain on Rum is hard to get to apparently. If the weather is bad, people are not allowed go up but the day we went up was perfect. It was just meant to be. Not much wind, it wasn't too sunny, not too cold. Perfect. Mummy was thankful.

Your brother, sisters and Daddy were well while Mummy was away. Actually, not so well, because your little sister had a cold, not too bad but runny nose and a bit run down. Apart from that they were great.

Mummy slept and slept for the next few days, recovering from her walks. Overall though, Mummy had a good time with great people in a beautiful surrounding. So we did it baby. The fundraising target is 106%! People are so kind, baby. We are grateful. You inspire Mummy to do so many things. Love you loads. XXXXX

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