Tuesday 15 January 2013

Up and Down

Hallo Billy Buuz, Mummy's baby boy. Your photo in the hall is Mummy's favourite now. You are on your Mongolian Granny's lap, lying on your back looking up. Your Granny-Emee is sitting on the living room couch and your big sister and brother are sitting beside her. They are all laughing. You are wearing your 'My brother loves me' top. Mummy wishes she could cuddle you once more. But it's not going to happen, doesn't matter how good Mummy is and doesn't matter how much stuff, money, fame anything. Mummy has to be optimistic and sometimes, it's hard to be upbeat all the time. But Mummy wil try.

Your brother and sisters are doing great. In fact, your big sister and brother are doing well at school. Mummy and Daddy are very proud. Your little lister is doing well too. She says many words and tries to sing. She likes watching a cartoon called Peppa Pig and she is picking up words very quickly these days. She says some wors in Mongolian and English. She can say: Bombog-Ball; Nom-Book; Maama-Baby. So she is a clever cookie. She is not walking though. One day she will run probably. We will see.

Mummy was a bit down this morning and now it's the evening and the others are in bed and your Daddy's out to the pub. Mummy feels so much better, especially after your big sister's parents' night at school. All the teachers were very positive and happy about the way your big sister is progressing. Your big sister loves arty things, she did portrait of you all and gave Mummy and Daddy as a present. The best present, ever!

Yeye will come soon for a visit. Mummy can't wait to see your auntie Yeye. Mummy's baby sister. She is a very clever young lady, she plays chess so well. She got it from your Ovoo.

Ok, babes. Mummy's bootiful baby boy. Shine bright in the sky and Mummy will watch you every night. Love you loads. XXXXX

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