Monday 30 April 2012

Mama's beautiful baby boy

Hallo Billy buuz. Hallo baby boy. Mummy has been busy, infact we were all very busy. The extension work is starting soon. So mummy and daddy were getting ready for the work. It will be great once the work is done, but before that there will be chaos in the house. It will be worth it though. Mummy was saying to you inside herself 'Mama's bootiful, bootiful baba.' That's right, that's how Mummy calls you all. All day, Mummy spends the day calling your baby sister 'Booty queen' and 'Beautiful, bootiful.' she will be a year old soon. Can you believe it?! Mummy is very pleased that Mummy's one tweet started a conversation and even made something important happen in history of Mongolian Down Syndrome association. Mummy prepared a talk with the chair of the association and she did a talk at TEDxUlaanbaatar Change event. Mummy is so pleased. Billy, this is you. This is all happening because of you, baby. Mummy remembers picking up the trophy in March. The trophy is for the book which is being written in memory of you. When Mummy was told our book had won the first place Mummy felt this urge of crying missing you and you made that happen, but Mummy held onto her tears and instead enjoyed the success. People kept saying 'You don't realise how well you've done.' Mummy was very pleased, but Mummy was grateful that someone, some people saw the important message in our book and valued it. So baby boy, as many of Mummy's friends said 'This is just the beginning.' We will do many good things and change attitudes and challenge stigma. Mummy's bootiful baba, goodnight. Love you, love you, love you. Billy buuz, baby boy. XXX

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