Friday 16 March 2012

A trophy!

Hallo Billy Buuz

We have won a trophy! Mummy went to the Scottish Association of Writers' Conference yesterday and your book, our book Mongol came first in the non-fiction book category. So we have a trophy in the house now. The trophy is called Janetta Bowie Chalice. Mummy put it beside your picture on the mantelpiece. Mummy is going to put the photo here. This is for you. You made Mummy to write and be determined.

Last few days have been very busy. Yesterday, Mummy went to London to get your brother, sisters and you registered at the embassy. Ella was not well either, she is teething and has a cold. She is getting better now. So you can imagine, your Mummy and Daddy walking round half asleep. Anyway, we are so chuffed and Mummy's dream of getting our book published is a few steps closer now. Bye just now, baby boy. Love you always and forever. XXX

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  1. I'm visiting your blog for first time, and I find it very heart touching and loving. Not too long ago I posted on my blog a reflection about 'writing to heal' based on my thoughts about a family tragedy.

    Congratulations on the award!!