Monday 28 February 2011

A year after your death...

We remember organising your funeral this time last year. Mummy was lost emotionally, didn't know what to do. Mummy was in tears: I had enough of living on second hand things! And started sobbing. Jackie and your dad didn't know what to do. Poor things were grieving too. Then Jackie took me to TK Maxx and I bought very expensive cutlery and a food processor. Anything to help feel bit better, I guess.

Mummy is feeling emotional today. Seeing children in their prams, the sun is out, but Mummy miss you so much. Daddy put a big candle at the cemetery and Karen, Caroline, Jackie put nice flowers. We had a few people sent nice cards and little notes, too. We got a sky lantern too from your dad's friend!

Love you, Billy. Eej ni huudee hairtai shuu. Xxxxxxx

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