Thursday, 23 June 2011

Your baby sister is here!

Hallo Billy Buuz

Can you believe it?! The day I posted the last blog I went into labour properly and your little sister was born the next day at 9.16am! Congratulations, big brother Billy! We have been to the cemetery too. Your daddy has been going there every day. It's so nice to see your brother and sister happy too. But we all know there is someone is missing. That's you, but we know you are here with us. You sent her to us. Sophie, Jackie's daughter who is only 6 made Jackie and Mummy cry by saying 'Uuganaa's tummy was so sad when Billy died and it made another baby.' Yes, Mummy's tummy was so sad and is still sad missing you. The sun shines, but doesn't shine the same any more.

Your baby sister's Mongolian name is Solongo, means rainbow. Your Mongolian granny and papa were so proud because Solongo was born on a special day in Mongolian calendar. The day she was born was celebrated with a big festival worshipping a big mountain called Otgontenger. The mountain name is translated as the youngest sky. The moment your granny and papa went up to see the peak of this snowy top of the mountain a rainbow appeared and the cloud moved away and the mountain showed its top. So your granny and papa think Solongo was born to be someone special.

I think you sent her, well Mummy just find some comfort in that thought. Ella's got a mark on her neck which I remember you having to have an IV line through your neck vein. May be, may be... Mummy wonders, thinks and hopes, and looks for signs ...

Oh another good news is the short story called Fairytale Hero which is about you is published in a book now. In the Scottish Family Legends book. Mummy and Daddy went to the book launch and Family Legends celebration on 8th June and went straight to hospital to have your baby sister. Mummy was in labour during the celebration. What a night. Mummy is happy though that the story is in the book. That was Mummy's one dream to have a story about you in a book as every book published in Britain has to have a copy. Now that copy has a story about you. So you see you are a legend, our Family Legend! My baby boy, love you loads and more, Mummy's ginger haired, blue bottomed baby boy. XXXXXXX

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Back and forth to hospital

Hallo Billy Buuz. Mummy was going to tell you some news and write here, but instead I'll update you what has been happening. Well, mummy and daddy have been to hospital a few times because your baby sister is due any time now. Mummy thought she would come naturally and waited for the signals. It has been ok and then now it's kind of stopped. So every time we go to hospital we are told to go home as Mummy is not in labour! I'll write later again. bye just now, your brother and sister stayed at a friends' house. They are just back, so have to clean faces and send them to school. Love you baby boy. We light candles and we miss you too. XXXXXX